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Eat Clean Regular
  • Eat Clean Regular
  • Eat Clean Regular
  • Eat Clean Regular
  • Eat Clean Regular
  • Eat Clean Regular

Eat Clean started as a New Years resolution in 2017 but was so popular that we kept it. It was designed to reward those that have decided to the commitment of eating healthy with our biggest discount ever! 10% off!

  • Our regular meals, 10 a week!
  • 5 protein bars a week ($45 Value)
  • Get 10% off your meals all month long!

Don't believe how good it is? Check out what our customers have to say,

"So very happy to have stumbled upon Fit Kitchen Direct. Meals are nutritious, varied, organic, delicious and artfully prepared. I have high standards...the food, the service, the company and the motivational quotes on the packaging have exceeded all my expectations!" Jennifer

Forget about going shopping every week, cooking, cleaning and most importantly going hungry because you skipped a meal! Having a plan is half way to getting to your goals. 

Don't worry the menu changes every week just like our other meals so you won't ever get bored. 

* Skipping weeks is not allowed with this package. No additional discounts can be used with #EatClean meal packages. This subscription will renew after 4 weeks automatically and delivery or pick up is included. 

Eat Clean Regular - is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though and we'll ship as soon as more become available.