You commit, we reward!

We all know that diet is a big part of feeling your best. But how you can find the extra time to plan your meals, shop, prep, cook, clean and package them? That’s exactly why we offer you a monthly package. We will deliver 10 meals a week for 4 weeks to your door. Eat Clean All Month is our way of clearing your path to health and wellness for the year! 15% off every meal all month long! - to help you achieve your goals. Regular, Extra Protein, Vegan, and Whole30

What you will receive:

  • Monthly subscription, with 10 meals per week for 4 weeks
  • Chef's choice, there's no picking meals with this package...yet!
  • 1 delivery a week, you will pay for the first delivery but not the following 3
  • Must be used consecutively, no skipping
  • Free InBody testing at Max Muscle Jantzen Beach to track your progress
  • Special pricing for online personal training from Team Hexx
  • Special discounts from No Bull training shoes
  • Special discounts from Max Muscle Jantzen Beach


Ready to make a change? Eat CleanIn!

Fit Kitchen Direct doesn't just sell delicious food that's gluten and dairy free. We give you the freedom to create health, wellness and more time to spend with your family and friends.

* This Package does not allow skipping delivery weeks, inside each month's subscription